About the project

Emotions generated by fans have huge potential. Zetly is a state-of-the-art and unique platform for fans, clubs, federations, athletes and investors whose aim is to capitalize on sports emotions, involve fans and create a bridge to the digital world for all sports. Zetly will help tokenize teams and athletes, providing them with additional sources of income. It will reduce the distance between the sports world and fans, as well as make being a fan a 24/7 experience.

Zetly creates a unique ecosystem and marketplace for club tokens, NFT’s, sports
memorabilia and digital wallets in one place. Thanks to our platform, everyone can create their own NFTs, athletes can organize their crowdfunding campaigns, whereas federations and clubs can offer unique digital collections. Our platform will be a fuel for sports through unique methods, offering a system of rewards, gamification, voting, and, in the future, such solutions, as ticketing, streaming and metaverse.

Sport is emotions. Sport is capital. Sport is Zetly.


Zetly ecosystem

The Zetly platform is based on the state-of-the-art solutions, both in terms of the functionalities, user experience and security, which is the key aspect building our users’ trust. Our solution consists of modules which address the problems of the today’s world of sport.

Ekosystem Zetly
  • Platforms in the desktop version and decentralized mobile app (DApp/Hybrid) whose functionality covers intuitive and easy navigation, integration of social networks, integration of QR/bar code scanner, integration with a secure payment gateway, versions for IOS and Android
  • Certified e-wallet supporting modern payment options
  • Access gate to the API and openness for cooperation with the authors involved
  • Marketplace for club tokens, NFTs, digital sports collectibles and authenticated sports memorabilia
  • HUB NFT for authors, influencers, celebrities, sports clubs, organizers of events and artists

Platform's key functionalities

Zetly Sport
Teams issue utility tokens that provide access to many attractive module functionalities. P2P trade, voting and influence, club products, rewards and loyalty programs, 12 Player and Away Games.

Zetly NFT Creator
Creating and trading in digital content in the NFT form, no matter how many of your works, memorabilia or tickets you plan to sell. Various options: Create NFT, NFT Marketplace, NFT Hub, Ultras Sector.

Zetly Collectibles
It allows purchase, storage and transfer of digital sports cards from exclusive limited edition collections available only on the Zetly platform.

Expanded and fully integrated with the Zetly platform, digital marketplace for physical sports memorabilia whose purchase and sale involves the transfer of the ownership title in the digital NFT form.

Zetly Crowd
Connects athletes who need funding with involved fans. Help, support and invest – it’s up to you!

Zetly Wallet
Convenient combination of conventional payment methods, crypto exchanges and ZET token.


ZET Token

The ZET token constitutes the basis of the Zetly ecosystem’s operation. ZET is an ERC-20 utility token issued by Zetly OU, which will be issued as a smart contract in the Polygon network. The ZET token powers the Zetly app and the entire platform as the main currency and fuel for the whole ecosystem, ensuring access to all of its functionalities and solutions. The token will ensure a convenient and secure method of payment and settlement in the Zetly ecosystem.

The total ZET token supply is fixed, and no further tokens will ever be generated.

Zetly tokens are connected with transactions of all users on the platform, as well as with the aggregation of services and transaction fees.


ZET Token is used in the following situations:

  • Access to the Zetly platform, including NFT HUB
  • Buy Sell – Club Tokens, Sports Memorabilia, Digital Collections
  • Bridge for club Tokens on the platform
  • It rewards ZET holders, participating in AirDrops and Bounty programs
  • Play to Earn – using Away Games collect club tokens and NFTs of your favorite teams and sportsman

Token sale

The ZET token will be issued based on the Polygon platform, which continually strives to improve scalability, security and functionality, as well as provides versatile solutions.



Number of tokens for sale

175,000,000 (5%)



Number of tokens for sale

787,500,000 (22,5%)

Public (IDO)


Number of tokens for sale

87,500,000 (2,5%)

Accepted currencies


*Public sale rounds will be announced a minimum of 14 days before starting.

  • Token’s name ZET
  • Standard ERC-20
  • Platform Polygon
  • Maximum supply 3,500,000,000
  • Token's price:
  • Strategic 0.0016 USD
  • Private 0.0026 USD
  • Public (IDO) 0.0040 USD

Token distribution

Token distribution
Strategic: 5% 175 000 000
Private: 22.5% 787 500 000
Treasury: 15% 525 000 000
Public (IDO): 2.5% 87 500 000
Team & Advisors: 15% 525 000 000
Ecosystem: 20% 700 000 000
Exchanges & Token Liquidity: 15% 525 000 000
Marketing: 5% 175 000 000

Token distribution

Token distribution
Strategic: 5% 175 000 000
Private: 22.5% 787 500 000
Treasury: 15% 525 000 000
Public (IDO): 2.5% 87 500 000
Team & Advisors: 15% 525 000 000
Ecosystem: 20% 700 000 000
Exchanges & Token Liquidity: 15% 525 000 000
Marketing: 5% 175 000 000

Token Vesting Process


5% TGE, then 6 month cliff, rest unlocked every month for 12 month


10% TGE, then 6 month cliff, rest unlocked every month for 8 months

Public (IDO):

100% TGE

Treasury 0%

TGE, then 12 months cliff, rest unlocked every block 28 months

Team & Advisors:

8 months cliff, rest unlocked every month 24 months


12 months cliff, rest unlocked every block for 24 months

Exchanges & Token Liquidity:

small portion used for the initial listing, rest unlocked every month for over 24 months


1 month cliff, rest unlocked every month for 12 months

Exchanges & Token Liquidity:

6% used at TGE and 94% for Future DEX and CEX listings vested over 100 weeks



Acquaint yourself with our documents:

Pitch Deck
Token Sale Economics


The Zetly team consists of experienced managers and technology experts who share a common passion and vision for creating an innovative project.

Michał Glijer
Chief Executive Officer


Rafał Gelner
Chief Operating Officer


Marek Pałus
Chief Legal Officer

Paweł Gojny
IT Manager

Monika Holland
GTM Strategy Advisor

Christopher Nielsen
International Expansion Advisor

Ronald Duldulao
Marketing Specialist

Tomasz Nowacki
Business Operations Consultant

Ahmad Aman
Marketing Specialist

Ph. D. Agnieszka Bier
Data Scientist

Marcin Dryka
Chief Technology Officer

Mateusz Całkowski
Sport Acquisition Specialist

Dominik Stępień
Marketing Specialist

Alicja Cuber-Strutyńska
Graphic Designer

Dominika Kurzawska
Marketing Specialist

Justyna Gojny
Graphic Designer

Maciej Paszkiewicz
Content and SEO Specialist


Marcin Rzetecki
Technical Blockchain Advisor

Ivo Irbe
Sport Advisor

Julija Hrstić
Sport Advisor

Paweł Łaskarzewski
Strategic Founding Advisor

Marcin Wenus
Media Advisor

Jarosław Śmietana
E-Sport Advisor

Tomaž Frelih
Sport Advisor

Maurycy Konopacki
Technical Blockchain Advisor


The forward-looking statements and road map as outlined above, estimates as to future performance (including, without limitation, all financial projections) and other statements contained in this communication regarding matters that are not historical facts are only projections, and it can be expected that some or all of the assumptions underlying such projections will not materialize or will vary significantly from actual results due to certain factors, including, but not limited to, Zetly’s ability to execute its plans to develop and market its products, competitive factors, legal and regulatory requirements and general economic conditions.

Any such forward-looking statements reflect only the current views of Zetly with respect to such matters and are made subject to the foregoing and other risks, uncertainties and assumptions beyond the control of Zetly management. As a result, there can be no assurance that the events or other matters described in such forward-looking statements will in fact transpire.

Zetly does not undertake any obligation to update such forward-looking statements. No representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein.


Frequently asked questions

Below you will some information, but if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

A Token Generation Event (TGE for short) is the issue of tokens and their sale for fundraising, as part of which startups - i.e. companies entering the market - can raise capital from potential investors interested in their project. The funds raised in such a way are earmarked for the development of the ideas prepared. The sale is conducted in stages in the following sequence: private sale, pre-sale, public sale.

The abbreviation KYC means Know Your Customer. KYC is about gathering such a set of information about the customer that allows verification of its identity, assessment of its business profile and confirmation of its credibility.

The pre-sale is open to registered members only. In order to participate in the pre-sale, visit zetly.io and enroll on the Whitelist. There will be a bonus of 10% extra tokens for everyone who will participates in the pre-sale.

You will receive the tokens purchased according to the Zetly vesting schedule.

We will build a community, attract new ecosystem participants, new markets, new countries and new partnerships.

Yes, we will share with others the implementation progress through our website, as well as Telegram and Twitter group.

ZET is a utility token in the ERC-20 standard, used for handling the Zetly Platform and App.

ZET tokens will have numerous functions, offer entertainment and increase users’ involvement. The tokens will be used for payments and settlements between the ecosystem participants, as well as a trading pair to exchange for club tokens.

The maximum number of ZET tokens created is 7,000,000,000. The total ZET token supply is fixed, and no further tokens will ever be generated.

As defined by Estonian institutions, utility tokens are just access to a company's product or service. According to the Estonian regulator, i.e. Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) - utility tokens cannot be classified as investment, and therefore are not subject to any regulation.

It is a form of a digital currency. It will be issued by the club, connected with it, and used by fans through the Zetly app and platform.

Yes, Zetly will be available on Uniswap.

The unsold ZET tokens will be invested as the network reserve.

Airdrops will be distributed according to the schedule announced and announced via social media platforms.

Zetly - FAQ
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